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We are dedicated to provide quality products and service, as well as to help you make a part time income. From dresses to wallets and bags, we are constantly adding new products into our shop.

Who Are We?


stablished as a supplier for blogshop, we started out supplying fashion products to small and medium-sized blogshops from all over the world. Our customers were mainly blogshop owners and local business owners. Our products were well-received by many blogshop owners and we began supplying to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

In 2010, we set up our online shop via ecommerce platforms like ebay and q0010. Soon, we realised that coordinating orders between various platforms were cumbersome and led to delays. Blogshopsingapore.sg was set up to cater to Singaporeans who want cheap and pretty clothes, bags, caps, accessories, wallets, etc,. We cater primarily to girls and women although we plan to include more men products in the near future.

Many Blogshops in Singapore were also keen to get supplies from us as we offer wholesale distribution. Our affiliate system also allows Singaporeans to earn a part-time income without the hassle of managing the supply chain. Already have a business? We can manage your inventory and delivery for you! Click the button below to learn all partnering methods.

Our mission: Bring you the best collection of fashion products Blogshoppers love.

Any enquiries? Have a particular item you want to sell? Partner with us and make a part-time income online!

Why Choose Us?

1. Best Prices

All our products are directly supplied from factories in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea, allowing us to keep our cost low. In addition, supplying wholesale to blogshop owners in Singapore lets us keep prices low without sacrificing profit.

Many products in our shop are on sale. Browse items below $15, below $10 or wholesale section.

2. Fast & Efficient Service

We have spent years improving our inventory and logistics system. We have shortened our delivery time to 2-3 days for our customers. If you need help with managing your inventory or distributing them to customers, contact us and we will work out a plan for you.

3. Quality Products

We carefully inspect our stocks when they arrive to ensure they are up to standard before supplying to our customers and blogshops in Singapore. As our product range expand, some of our new products may not meet the requirement, hence we have implemented a flexible exchange policy for our customers.

Partner With Us

Affiliate System (Recommended) / Learn More
Wholesale Supplies / 80%
Dropshipping / Learn More
Inventory Management / 40%


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Buy 1 Get 2 Free - Korean Bags Set Get it Now