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logshop SIngapore’s mission is to provide a fun and easy shopping experience for all singaporeans. We understand that online shoppers do not like to wait for delivery, as such, we have partnered with the most efficient doorstep delivery company in Singapore, d2d express. No more waiting 1-2 weeks for shipping, delivery is now 2-3 days from the day your order is confirmed. For price conscious customers, we have included self-collection as an option. Payment method is cash upon delivery so that you do not have to worry about failed transcations, receipts, payment processing, etc.

Shopping online should be a fast, enjoyable and affordable. We strive to provide you with that experience, however, if in any way you are not satisfied with our service, you can write us an email or check out our exchange and refund policy.

Click on the links below to learn in detail the order, payment, delivery and self-collection information. If you have any queries, you can refer to our FAQ page or contact us here.

Placing Order

You can go to the shop section to browse all products. Place an order by clicking the “add to cart button”. You will receive a confirmation email after order…

Delivery Info

Delivery fee is $6 for all orders & charged once. Time: 2-3 days after order confirmed. SMS will be sent to inform delivery time. Free delivery for orders >$50…

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Payment Method

We currently only accept cash upon delivery as the payment method to ensure secure transaction. If this is inconvenient, you can request for bank transfer…

Self-collection Info

Self-collection is free of charge, Collection times is weekdays & weekends evening at Blk 235 Yishun st 21 s760235. Sms & wait for confirmation before coming…

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Placing Order

You can go to the shop section to browse all products. If you do not know what to order, head over to the categories section and start shopping from there. Place an order by clicking the “add to cart button”, if the “add to cart” button does not appear, please select your options (colour, size, etc.) and the button will appear.

After you have finish adding items to your cart, click on “Cart” in the top bar and push the “checkout” button. You will be brought to the checkout page which request for your shipping address. If you prefer self-collection, you can enter anything into the “Billing Address” fields (cannot be empty). If you have a coupon code you can use by clicking the “Click here to enter your code” link at the top. (learn more about discount/coupon codes here).

Please double check your orders before comfirming as you will not be able to make any changes once they are submitted. You will receive a confirmation email after order informing you your order, total price and delivery time & date. Please reply if there is anyone at home on the specified dates.

Pre-Order Guide

Usually, most of our items are in stock, however, due to unforeseen circumstances in some occasions (large order quantities from other Blogshops in Singapore), many of our products may be out of stock. We replenish our stock supply pretty quickly (1-2 weeks).

We allow customers to reserve new stock before they arrive by pre-ordering. Out of stock items will be stated clearly in the first line of the product description, along with the estimated time of arrival of new stock. Click on the “Pre-Order Now” button to reserve new stock before it runs out.

The pre-ordering process is similar to ordering instock products except that you do not need to choose a payment method when you checkout. You will still have to submit your address, phone number and email so that we can contact you and deliver once new stock arrives.

Note: pre-order items has to purchased separately, meaning that if you want to pre-order a black version and a white version of the same product, you have to place 2 separate pre-orders. Contact us when new stock arrives so you do not have to pay delivery fee twice (if your shipping option is mail/delivery).

When new stock has arrived, you will receive an email notification which contains all your order information and a link which directs you to select your payment options. Once you have submitted your options and made payment. Your order will be processed.

Our staff will then contact you vis SMS to arrange with you the estimated delivery timing.

Pre-Order not available

If you see the text “OUT OF STOCK” in place of the Pre-Order or Add to cart button, it means that our new stock has all been reserved. If you still want to order and don’t mind waiting, you can contact us and let us know the product you are interested to order, quantity and you contact information. We will get back to you with the estimated waiting time.

Blogshop Singapore partners with d2d express to bring you the fastest and cheapest delivery service in SIngapore. You will receive a confirmation email immediately after your order is placed. A confirmation SMS will be sent to you after 1-2 days to inform you of the estimated delivery date and time.

Please reply if delivery during the sepcified time is inconvenient for you. We will reschedule the delivery at no extra cost. Delivery man will SMS you before delivery to inform you the time hw will arrive at your house.

A tracking number will also be provided with which you can check when your order is arriving. If you have unexpected matters to attend to, please reply (via SMS) to the delivery man to inform him to come at a later time/date. Rearrangement of delivery for the 1st time would be free of charge for most circumstances, however, extra $6 delivery fee would be charged the second time delivery has to be rearranged. Hence, please inform our staff or the delivery person if there is no one at home to receive & pay for the order.

For price-conscious customers, self-collection is an excellent alternative. You can come for collection at our warehouse at Blk 235 Yishun st 21 after receiving the confirmation SMS. Note that our warehouse is open from 6.30pm to 11.30pm on weekdays and 1.30pm to 11.30pm on weekends. Sorry for any inconvenience caused as we are currently short-handed.

It is highly recommended that you reply to our confirmation SMS to inform us the estimated time which you would be coming down so that our staff would be present. Once arrived at our warehouse, SMS our sales representative and wait at the end of the carpark. Our staff will bring your order down to meet you.

You can check your orders before paying cash to the person. he/she wouldn’t be the one in charge hence if you have any sales-related enquiries, you can send us an email.

Payment Info

The only payment method which we currently accept is Cash Upon Delivery. Please try to prepare the exact amount in cash and pass it to the delivery man/sales representative when he hands you the order as he might not have sufficent change.

In order to provide a secure shopping experience, cash upon delivery has been Blogshop Singapore’s default payment method for years. You do not have to pay a single cent until your order arrives. In the past we had customers cancelling orders for no reason and demanding their money back. As such, we seek your understanding with regards to our limited option for payment.

If cash upon delivery is inconvenient for you (e.g. no one at home and you want order to be placed at your door), you can contact us and request for payment by bank transfer. We will provide you with instructions on how to proceed. In the future, we hope to provide more payment methods for our Blogshoppers.


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