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Want to make an additional income online? Finding ways to monetise your blog/website? Looking to earn more profits with your business? We have 4 partnership methods for you to choose from!

Join over 100 Partners. Grow your business & earn more profits.

If you do not know which partnership method is best for you, the flow chart below may help you start. Read each of the partnership methods in detail below. If you wish to start your own Blogshop in Singapore or anywhere in the world, our Blogshop Startup Guide will be of great help.

Highest commission rate in the industry (20% of customer total order). Get paid when visitor on your blog/site clicks on your link & orders. You can track your commissions via our affiliate platform.

Dropshipping is best for blogshop/instashop/ecommerce site owners who can accept payment, display products but do not want to handle supplies, inventory and delivery to customer.

Need help with managing inventory or shipping from overseas, inspecting your goods from suppliers & delivery to customers? We have experts who can take care of every sector of your supply chain

Get massive discounts when you order items in bulk. Up to 40% discount on clothes, bags, accessories, etc. If you want to start your own business, we can take care of your supplies.

Lets Get Started!

Blogshop Singapore is committed to help all our partners and affiliates grow and increase their income. We have had major success in helping startups grow their business through supplying them with goods and helping them manage their inventory.

In addition, our affiliate partners have benefitted with additional income streams by monetizing their blog. We appreciate all our affiliate partners for their continuous support.

If you have a business in the fashion/beauty & personal care industry or are keen to start your business in this area, we would like to invite you to join our community of partners. We are very willing to find out a way in which we can help each other grow. Contact us today at

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Why Join Us?

1. Flexible Partnership Methods

From affiliate programs to dropshipping and wholesale, there are many ways in which we can work together. If none of the programs fits you or you need a special a partnership method, write us an email and we will work something out for you!

contact and tell us more about you along with your needs.

2. Dedicated Support

We have a team of staff providing email support for all our partners. If you need guidance or advice, simply email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

3. Mutual Benefits

Blogshops Singapore is already an established brand among many blogshoppers and blogshop suppliers so why not leverage our products and reach and increase your profits too?


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