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We connect sponsors with bloggers, rewarding bloggers and helping businesses.

We source for local businesses looking to promote their business online & connect them with bloggers in SG. The process is very simple. Businesses send their products to bloggers for free, in return, bloggers provide a review of the product to help businesses gain exposure. Sounds cool right? If you are a blogger, you can scroll down to learn more and sign up. Businesses can email us.

Simple 4-step Process

1. Linda signs up for the sponsorship program and received our confirmation
2. Business A has a new product and emails Linda to get her approval to mail her
3. Linda agrees and Business A mails the product
4. Linda receives the product and writes a review on her blog about the product & business
5. Linda got the product for free and Business A got some publicity

Benefits of Signing Up

1. Completely free for bloggers

2. Easy and fast sign up process

3. Low requirements for registration

4. Constant free gifts from different businesses

Recent Sponsored Products

Selfie Stick from bbqsingapore.sg
Free selfie stick with $14
Korean Watch from escoot.sg
Stylish korean watch worth $20

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Buy 1 Get 2 Free - Korean Bags Set Get it Now