Men Blogshops in Singapore Review

Blogshops are widely known to provide fashion products for women. Even though blogshops were orginally created to cater to girls and women who are looking for cheap and unique fashion products, blogshops have grown to include almost anything that can be sold online. In recent years, blogshops that specifically cater to guys have grown to become very popular.

Men need good clothes, shoes and bags too. However, the number of blogshops tat sell men apparels are still few compared to women blogshops as a majority of online shoppers for apparels are women. If you are a guy or girl looking for good clothes, bags and shoes for yourself/boyfriend, below are some sources.

1. Theurbanloft Blogshop

Theurbanloft targets men who knows about fashion. Selling mainly apparels, they have practical everday wear as well as shirts that are more formal. Prices are reasonable with t-shrits starting at $13 and shirts at $21.90

Started in 2009, Theurbanloft blogshop has built a fan base of over a thousand, consisting of main males. The large variety of apparels and accesories will definitely satisfy you.


As a new blogshop founded in january 2013. Their unique feature is that they are powered by real people. Many of their products are recommended by their fans which include both males and females. Apparels thee are stylish but not too exotic. Price is a little bit on the expensive side.

If you’re interested in colourful shorts and pants, their bottoms section will not disappoint you


Recommended by many male shoppers, seventhrockshop sells mainly t-shirt but the large variety of colours and patterns will amaze you. With over 80 designs of T-shirts alone. Sizes of apparels are clearly stated to avoid confusion. Quality of the shirts also seem to be good. Shoes can also be found there as well.


Selling mainly men’s wear, their clothes look very trendy and in style. Although some of their shirts are overpriced, their large collection of products which includes shirt, formal wear, casual shirts, T-shirts, outerwear and bottoms more than made up for that. One downside is that most of their products are pre-order, meaning that you might have to wait 1-2 weeks for the order to arrive.


Station-9 claims to sell basically everything a Man needs. Most of their products are designed in Honkong, Korea and China. Since it started in 2010, its fashionable apparels has got them over 3k likes on facebook. They have an interesting collection of bags and shoes which you should go and check out.


With free shipping for all orders, sabotagestore has many creative shirt designs which is priced around $20 per price. Those who are looking for belts and bracelets will also like their collection. Remember to like their facebook page to get a 10% discount.

Do you have your own favourite list of blogshop that sells men apparels and accessories? Share them in the comments below!

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