Online Shopping Tips for Women

Looking to grab some fantastic deals online? Perhaps from a top blogshop or a famous ecommerce site? Well; let me run you through a few online shopping tips for women (although there is no reason as to why they can’t apply to men too!

Shop Around: This makes sense when you are trying to score deals online. Surprisingly there are actually very few people out there who are willing to shop around for the products that they want. Most people are more than happy to head to the most popular blogshop online for their niche and buy the product that catches their eye. This is not going to work. It really is not. Remember; popular websites are popular for a reason. They market like crazy. Marketing need to be paid for somewhere and it will be added to the price of the products that you are purchasing. This is not good. Shop around at a few of the smaller sites and I am sure you will be able to save vast sums of cash on your purchase.

If you are buying clothes online then I suggest you shop ‘out of season’. Most clothes ‘in season’ have an absolutely huge mark-up on them. They are going to be expensive. As the end of the fashion season rolls around you will find that these products get deep discounts (sometimes as high as 90%). Obviously the clothes are still going to look fantastic, but you will be saving money. Honestly; there are very few people out there who actually need to buy clothes ‘in season’.

Sign up to the Facebook or Twitter account for any company that you should with regularly. It is likely that they will offer a number of deals to their customers from time to time. If you do not follow them through social media then you are going to be missing out on some of the best deals.

It is a shame that there are many people out there who are reluctant to sign up to mailing lists. They feel as though they are going to be dealing with nothing but spam. This is not the case…if you sign up to a reputable company at least. In fact; signing up to a mailing list may net you some of the biggest discounts online with very little hassle involved. Companies know that their mailing list subscribers are likely to buy something from them. This means that they will entice them with fantastic voucher codes and the like from time to time. This could lead to huge savings on the products that you may have purchased anyway.

Search online for discount codes! Almost all online blogshops will have a discount code system in place. There are plenty of sites out there that will share codes with you. This means that you will be able to save a considerable amount of cash for nothing more than a few minutes of work. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Most Popular Items Sold On Blogshops in Singapore

Trending items on Blogshops in 2014

Products sold on blogshops nowadays are limitless as owners are constantly seeking new products to add into their catalogue. However, the most popular items remain the same. Below are some of the best-sellers that are common across all online blogshops in Singapore

1. Dresses

Almost all blogshops have dresses as one of their top-selling products. They are a hot favourite among all ages and can come in different styles and colours.

The most popular dresses are single coloured, simple yet stylish. Although many of the dresses are not commonly seen in every day lives, they are perfect for special occassions such as prom nights or parties.

Dresses come in many styles and variations. There are korean-style dress, european style dress, floral dress, strapless dress, etc. They all take a spot in the most popular items sold on blogshops in Singapore.

2. Tops

The most popular tops are observed to be bold in colours and patterns. Often loose and slightly oversized. The common materials include cotton, chiffon, lace. Crop tops are also becoming increasingly popular as it appears striking and can easily capture attention.

Teens and youths will usually go for korean-style tops that are generously decorated with patterns such as flowers, abstact shapes and drawings. T-shirts remain to be a safe choice while new designs that are bolder in the use of colours and words are taking rising to the top of the best-selling list.

3. Bags

All women love bags. Bags used to cost a lot and branded bags were the “in thing”. However, prices of bags have fallen drastically allowing blogshop owners to import and sell them.

Bags that are smaller are more popular among youths and fabric bags with cute designs have replaced posh leather bags in many blogshops. As shop owners strive to differentiate their products, designs are slowly deviating from the mainstream versions.

School bags have also become a favourite as a significant portion of blogshoppers are students.

4. Accessories

Accessories can include many items such as wallets, necklaces, wristbands, belts, earings. While many may avoid purchasing accessories due to higher shipping cost compared to the product price, larger and more expensive accessories still remain a popular choice.

Although they may not be worn regularly, having a few pieces of accessory can spice up an outfit during special occassions.

5. Special items

Only till recently, blogshops are limited to fashion products that can be worn (clothes, shoes, etc.). These days, items such as polaroid cameras, phone cases, perfumes, fish eye lenses, custom nametags, etc. are slowly gaining weight in the blogshop industry. If you want to learn how to search for blogshops selling specific products, you can read our guide.

The History and Origin of Blogshops

While the person who coined the term “Blogshop” remains unknown, blogshops were believed to have started in 2006 and has since become a significant part of Singapore’s online landscape with many blogshops growing into large ecommerce sites.

Blogshops? What’s that?

What are blogshops? If you are seeing this word for the first time, its either you are new to Singapore or you are very young. Blogshops refer to blogs hosted on a blogging platform but functions like a mini ecommerce site. Blogshops are very popular in Singapore, especially among younger women. There is no exact definition of how a blog can be a blogshop but generally, most sites hosted on blogging platforms like wordpress, livejournal, blogspot and display products for sale can be considered a blogshop.

Origin of blogshops

The blogshop trend was said to have been started by young female adults who are running retail shops or are involved in the fashion industry. Back in 2006, blogging was the latest trend and the number of blogs in Singapore started to explode. It was at this time that those shop owners began to make use of blogs as a platform to display their products.

Realising that they can save on rental fees and gain more exposure to an online community of young shoppers who are willing to spend money, many retail shop owners have switched to blogshops.

In addition, blogshops are easy to set up, unlike ecommerce sites. There are many free platforms for blogging that can be set up in minutes.

The rise of blogshopping

2009-2010 has seen a surge in the number of new blogshops being set up. People from all walks of life began setting up their own blogshops instead of just those in the fashion industry. Most blogshops available today are still predominantly owned by youths who are slightly more adept at technology,

Many who set up blogshops are looking to sell their second hand clothes, accessories and bags at a low price. In the early days, when competition was not that stiff, making a comfortable income with blogshops takes minimal effort. However, as more and more people flock into the market, the smarter blogshop owners began to expand the variety of products and seek to differentiate their products.

Today, “blogshops” refer not only to blogs selling women clothes but encompass almost everything that can be sold online. From flowers to hats to music albums.

The major blogshops

Although a huge number of blogshops have been created since its origin, the most successful blogshops in Singapore remains to be those that have a history of quality products and service that their customer values.

Blogshops are indeed a phenomenon unique to Singapore. If are a fan of blogshopping, our products will not

Men Blogshops in Singapore Review

Blogshops are widely known to provide fashion products for women. Even though blogshops were orginally created to cater to girls and women who are looking for cheap and unique fashion products, blogshops have grown to include almost anything that can be sold online. In recent years, blogshops that specifically cater to guys have grown to become very popular.

Men need good clothes, shoes and bags too. However, the number of blogshops tat sell men apparels are still few compared to women blogshops as a majority of online shoppers for apparels are women. If you are a guy or girl looking for good clothes, bags and shoes for yourself/boyfriend, below are some sources.

1. Theurbanloft Blogshop

Theurbanloft targets men who knows about fashion. Selling mainly apparels, they have practical everday wear as well as shirts that are more formal. Prices are reasonable with t-shrits starting at $13 and shirts at $21.90

Started in 2009, Theurbanloft blogshop has built a fan base of over a thousand, consisting of main males. The large variety of apparels and accesories will definitely satisfy you.


As a new blogshop founded in january 2013. Their unique feature is that they are powered by real people. Many of their products are recommended by their fans which include both males and females. Apparels thee are stylish but not too exotic. Price is a little bit on the expensive side.

If you’re interested in colourful shorts and pants, their bottoms section will not disappoint you


Recommended by many male shoppers, seventhrockshop sells mainly t-shirt but the large variety of colours and patterns will amaze you. With over 80 designs of T-shirts alone. Sizes of apparels are clearly stated to avoid confusion. Quality of the shirts also seem to be good. Shoes can also be found there as well.


Selling mainly men’s wear, their clothes look very trendy and in style. Although some of their shirts are overpriced, their large collection of products which includes shirt, formal wear, casual shirts, T-shirts, outerwear and bottoms more than made up for that. One downside is that most of their products are pre-order, meaning that you might have to wait 1-2 weeks for the order to arrive.


Station-9 claims to sell basically everything a Man needs. Most of their products are designed in Honkong, Korea and China. Since it started in 2010, its fashionable apparels has got them over 3k likes on facebook. They have an interesting collection of bags and shoes which you should go and check out.


With free shipping for all orders, sabotagestore has many creative shirt designs which is priced around $20 per price. Those who are looking for belts and bracelets will also like their collection. Remember to like their facebook page to get a 10% discount.

Do you have your own favourite list of blogshop that sells men apparels and accessories? Share them in the comments below!

The 5 Do’s and 3 Dont’s of Online Shopping in Singapore

Online shopping can be a fun experience, whether is it on blogshops or online retail shops. Or it can also be your worst nightmare. Stories of people getting tricked are heard from time to time and surely, you don’t want to have your own similar tale to tell. Here are the top do’s and dont’s so your online shopping experience remains smooth, safe, and scam-free.

The 5 Do’s

1. Do shop online at trusted sites.

This is a no-brainer but many shoppers interchange “trusted” with “popular.” Popular websites can turn out to be not-so reputable after all. Similarly, little known sites and blogshops can be reputable.

To know if a site is trusted, look for HTTPS in the address bar. This means that your data is encrypted, thereby protecting you against hackers. Also, check whether the office of the website / company is located at a legit address.

2. Do trust your instincts.

This cannot be overly emphasized. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. If you believe that the seller is hiding something, he or she probably is. Simply walk away and choose another seller.

3. Do shop around.

When shopping for women clothes / apparel, check out the brand’s official store to know how much they’re worth. Then, go through other shops to compare prices and other offers (such as free shipping). This shouldn’t take long, and you’ll save money.

4. Do read reviews and consider ratings.

But just because one person had a negative comment doesn’t mean you’ll experience the same thing. That said, always check the consistency of the ratings. If a hundred consumers gave one item a high rating, there’s a high chance that you’ll be happy with your purchase.

5. Do read the site’s Privacy Policy and Terms.

The Privacy Policy page tells you what type of information the site collects from you, and how the owner of the site intends to use the gathered data. The Terms and Conditions page gives you the shop’s terms on refunds.

The 3 Don’ts

1. Don’t trust anyone with your credit card.

This advice is for people lending their credit card to friends and relatives. It can happen that the other person isn’t knowledgeable or shops at a phishing website. To be safe, offer to do the shopping for them instead.

2. Don’t use a debit card.

When things go wrong, it’s easy to dispute a credit card purchase than refund the money used in a debit card purchase.

3. Don’t give out more than the usual needed information.

If you’re paying through Paypal or credit card, your name and address (for shipping) are enough. Social security and bank account numbers are not needed.

In addition, you might also want to learn to protect yourself from blogshop scams.