Why Women Love to Shop and Most Men Don’t

Why are Blogshops for Women so much more popular than Blogshops for Men?

Blogshops for women are everywhere and most shopping sites list products for women above those for men. Why is this so? The logical deduction would be that women love to shop more than men but again why is this so?

It is definitely not true to say that all women love shopping and all men don’t but research shows that a majority of men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping while for women, it takes 2 hours for them to wear out. 80% of men dislike shopping with their girlfriends/wifes and a considerable amount would aboid it at all cost.

From the perspective of science and research, below are some reasons that might explain this bizarre phenomenon.

1. The “shopping gene” in women

Shopping is to women what sports is to men and this is not because of habit/culture rather, the reasons lie in the genes of women. In prehistoric times, women are known as the gatherers whose job is to forage for fruits, plants and nuts while the men were out hunting for game. In the search for food, women have to carefully select the freshest and safest foods which is a time consuming job.

In modern context, the act of foraging for food is replaced by shopping for good clothes, bags and shoes. The freshness of food can be likened to branded luxury items that women go crazy for due to their scarcity. Women today bring home shopping bags instead of food what is similar is that women never get tired of looking for new items and they value variety as much as quantity.

Men on the other hand were hunters who wanted to bring food home as quickly as possible as hunting is a dangerous activity that might endanger their lives.

Even though many years have passed since the hunting-gathering age but researchers are still convinced that women tend to act more like gatherers while men hunters.

2. Women like the experience

The intriguing part about shopping is feeling, seeing, smelling sometimes hearing the items that are displayed on shelfs which makes window shopping such a popular leisure activity many women frequently engage in.

The colous and textures of clothes and bags appeal to women because they are more visual and appearance often matters just as much as functionality. On the other hand men only care about the properties of the object. Whether or not it is colourful or dull makes no difference to most of them.

Research has shown that shopping can help women lift their moods. The term retail therapy is appropriately coined.

3. Women love to doll up

From make-up products to shoes, anything that helps women appear more fashionable excites them. Women love to appear alluring and pretty, it gives them confidence and makes them feel good. Its not that men do not care about appearance either, but women are willing to spend more time and effort to look good. Why do you think women wear high heels and spend hours putting on makeup?

4. Shopping for family

Being a women is tough. In many societies today, women play the role of caregivers who is responsible for the wellbeing of children and the elderly. This means that women often have a long list of items to buy for themselves as well as their family members.

As a result, the reason women shop more than men could also be because it is their responsibility as mothers/wifes and they are doing a huge favour for men by doing the shopping for them.

Blogshop Scams and How You Can Avoid Being Victim

How to Avoid Being Scammed when Buying from Blogshops

Blogshop scams are not uncommon, neither is online scams. In January and February this year, 77 cases of online scam has already been reported. During the same period last year, only half the number was recorded. Scams included small items like clothes, gadgets accessories.

Although not explicitly stated, it can be assumed that popular blogshops/instashops, facebook sellers accounts for a large part of those scams. Although online scams are getting more prevalent, that is not stopping people from spending money online. Below are some case studies of blogshop scams and how you can avoid losing money.

Blogshop Scams Case Studies

Case study 1: 100 victims of 1 girl

Possibly the most popular case in blogshop scam history, this story has been reported on many online news sites and the girl’s name, Hock Jing Er, has been generously splashed across majory news platforms. Using facebook as a platform for her blogshop, she displayed various products like clothes, cameras, shoes and fashion accessories. She did not have the items and after receiving payment from customers, she deactivated her facebook account and closed her bank account.

The 17-year-old was sentenced to 36 months probation after cheating 100 customers $10,827 in total.

Case study 2: Unreasonable seller

Some might not consider this a scam but irresponsible sellers like this one should also be avoided. Seller claims that she has been scammed by supplier and thus is unwilling to refund those who paid to her.

Case study 3: Shop-4more.blogspot.com ring scam

After promising to mail the ring out, no news was heard after 1 week. When the buyer contacted the blogshop owner and request for refund, she replied saying, “I only do meet up for refund . And u have to sign a letter to prove u won’t make a police report against us , we will need ur IC photcopied as to prove.” Note that the seller does not have the right to demand the buyer to do any of the above and this case is clearly a blogshop scam.

More blogshop scam case study evidence at mons-diary.blogspot.sg/2013/02/beware-of-such-scammers.html.

How to Avoid a Scam

Below are some ways in which you can prevent yourself from falling victim to blogshop scams

1. Avoid buying from low authority sites/people/platform

You can gauge the authority of sites almost instinctively. Sites with poor design, lousy layout and without proper checkout system has lower authority and higher risk of fraud compared to sites that look professional with good navigation and proper checkout system is much more reliable. Sites with high authority has invested more time and money compared to sites that look like they can be created in hours.

Buying from ads/micro sites like facebook pages, instashops has higher risk compared to actual ecommerce sites of blogshops. These pages can be created quickly by anyone from anywhere. Although majority of instashops/facebook pages are legit and safe, a minority of scammers has gave these platform a bad name for buying and selling.

Aways look for phone numbers and addresses on the pages/site which features the items so that you can at least make a police report in the event that you encounter a fraud.

2. Check scam prevention platforms/sites

If you suspect that a site/seller is suspicious with potential for fraud, you should check out scam prevention/report sites that allows users to report scammers.

The “Singapore Blogshop Scam Prevention” facebook page provides valuable insights on ongoing scams by blogshops/instashops/facebook pages in Singapore. The admin of the page is also dedicated to help clarify the issue. You can also report scams you have encountered to warn other members.

3. Search for “…. scam”

Although this method may not always help you uncover frauds, it is worth trying. If a blogshop/instashop appears fishy, search for the name of the blogshop + “scam” in google. Note that some of the comments and complains may not be true and is the result of competitor’s slander.

4. Ask on forums

If the methods above does not work, you can try to ask on forums if the site that you want to buy from is reliable. You might get responses from people with similar doubts or past customers/victims of the seller to help you decide whether you should buy.

Forums which are popular for scam discussions include: sgforums.com, forums.sgclub.com, forums.hardwarezone.com.sg.

If all of the above doesn’t work…

Then do not buy form the site. Better be safe than sure. Chances are you can find similar items from more reliable sources. Ask your friends and search on popular ecommerce platforms.

Lastly, you can check out scams-singapore.blogspot.com for any news regarding blogshop scams.

How Blogshop Owners Make Money

Starting a blogshop is extremely easy, anyone who has basic knowledge of computers and internet can start a blogshop. However, to make even a sale or decent profit is hard. Many blogshops do not survive in the long term. Due to the ease of entry and low startup costs, the market is becoming increasingly competitive. That does not mean that profiting from a blogshop is impossible. There are several ways in which blogshop owners make money.

1. Buying in Bulk

Also known as wholesale, buying in bulk occurs when the blogshop owner imports goods in large amounts from suppliers at once. There are several benefits for doing so.

First, blogshop owners are able to negotiate for massive discounts from suppliers and keep the cost of their supplies very low. This helps enable them to charge relatively lower prices yet make a profit.

Secondly, making large quantity orders help blogshop/instashop owners in Singapore establish a relationship with suppliers. Suppliers are likely to treat customers who order more with more respect and would make an effort to build trust with them. Once a relationship is established, blogshop owners are more likely to encounter other offers from suppliers in the same industry who wants their business.

Lastly, buying large quantities of goods reduces the amount of shipping per piece of item. Since most shipping companies charge a fixed amount for a minimum amount of shipment (e.g. 150sgd/500kg), blogshop owners can effectively reduce the cost of shipping per item by shipping more items at once.

However, bulk ordering has its risk. Blogshop owners have to ensure that they are able to clear all if not most of their imported items. It is a risky investment as customers may not be accepting of all imported goods. Often, there will be times when some products are unable to be sold.

2. Adding value to their products

Goods that are imported from suppliers are mostly poorly packaged and unattractive. There will also be some damaged and defective goods. The responsibility of the blogshop owner is therefore to inspect all goods, remove faulty products and repackage them with some customisations.

The concept of value-adding to imported goods is present in every industry. Blogshop owners who are more creative will include unique modifications to the clothes/shoes/bags, etc. imported and make them more attractive, hence enabling them to sell their products at a higher price.

3. Marketing and promotions

Reaching to a large audience and viewers is essential for blogshops. There are many marketing techniques which blogshops use to promote their products. They can be categorised into these categories: 1)Social marketing 2)Search engine marketing 3)Email marketing 4)Word-of-mouth advertising.

The success and failure of any blogshop is largely determined by how well the product is marketed and the quality of the product itself.

Smaller blogshops tend to have limited budget for marketing hence reply mostly on social networks like twitter, facebook and instagram to spread the word. This form of advertising is free hence allows blogshop owners to save on cost and maximise profit.


It is definitely not impossible for blogshops to survive and thrive. Understanding the basics of how blogshops operate can help owners make a profit. However, to be really successful, these owners must employ more complicated techniques, improve their products and create value for customers. In the long run, successful blogshops can turn into megastores and even establish their own brand name.

Why Are There So Many Blogshops in Singapore?

The Ubiquity of Blogshops in Singapore

Have you wondered why are there so many blogshops all over the net? Instashops/web shops are everywhere and growing by the hundreds daily. You probably wouldn’t be suprise if your close friend own a blogshop herself, they are such a common trend these days and its probable more than just a fad. If you aren’t quite sure what exactly are blogshops, our post on the history and origin of blogshops will be insightful.

You can get a brief idea of the blogshop industry through the inforgraph here. In 2011, researchers estimated that there is over 50000 blogshops in Singapore alone. The number is most likely over a 80,000 now and not including instashops. This growing force in the ecommerce industry is taking sales away from big brands and traditional retail channels.

Analysts estimate that the average income of blogshops can reach $1440 and the those with higher traffic can easily take in 5 figure incomes a month. Although that doesn’t equate to profitability of these small players, it does indicate that blogshops are a valuable niche. Whether you love it or hate it, blogshops will only grow in size and numbers. The reasons are explained:

Reason 1: Copycats

Once a proven method of making money online has been discovered, hoards of people will start flocking towards that method hoping to get a share of the pie. That is why many blogshops look similar to one another. Many blogshops are exact replicas of one another with almost identical site design, products and marketing strategy. There’s nothing wrong with being a follower but those who fail to create a unique selling point often find themselves earning mediocre incomes.

Reason 2: Easy To Set Up

A few hours is all you need to start a blogshop in singapore, provided you know how to do it and have the product details at hand. There are many ecommerce and blogging platforms like livejournal and wordpress which makes setting up a beautiful and functioning blogshop a breeze.

Of course you may face a steep learning curve if you are doing it for the first time, especially if you are not particularly tech-savvy. There are tons of tutorials on the web to help you out. The ease of setting up an instashop/carousell shop/blogshop is the reason behind the heaps of blogshops online.

Reason 3: Social Networks

Social networks are a great marketing tool for blogshops to drive traffic to their site. If you already have a personal blog or a active twitter/facebook account with a fair amount of followers, you are ready generate some leads by leveraging the power of social networks.

Top bloggers can make sales easily just by promoting their items on their social accounts. Building up your followers by increasing the attractiveness of your blog can be a great asset in terms of marketing potential. Bloggers sometimes create blogshops just to monetise their blog and get an additional income stream.

In addition, the community of blogshop owners would sometimes collaborate and promote one another’s blogshops. As more and more people want to be part of the community, more and more blogshops are made.

Reason 4: Passion for Fashion

Women love to shop (why do women love to shop?). It is no wonder that most blogshop owners are girls/women. When sourcing for products to add to their blogshops, they can spend time browsing through the multitude of apparels and accessories. It is as though they are shopping for someone else and they get paid for it.

In addition, women who have a knack for designing clothes can derive tremendouse satisfaction from seeing their deigns come to life and their customers using their products. You don’t have to be a professional designer to design your own product, a simple graphic tshirt or skirt can provide ample room to unleash your creativity.

Other Reasons: Benefits of Starting a Blogshop

Starting a blogshop is fun and exciting, convenient, profitable, etc. You can view all the benefits of starting a blogshop here.

How You Can Get Started.

Blogshops are well-received among singaporeans. However, guides on blogshop creation and success methodologies are rare. You can learn all you need to learn with regards to creating a successful blogshop on the “start a blogshop” section on our site.

Blogshops as a online shopping platform

Online shopping has turning into a regular way of purchasing goods from North America to East Asia. Blogshops have been wildly popular in recent years and inject into the online shopping environment vibrance and increased variety. However, many are doubtful that blogshops will replce mainstream retail shopping channels. Lets look deeper into the pros and cons of blogshops in Singapore.

Payment Method

When planning to shop online be sure to have a site with widely accepted payment method. If the payment methods that are available locally are not widely accepted, it’s a good idea to look into finding one that is. Needing a widely accepted payment method is one of the downsides of shopping online.

Fortunately, it is very easy to remedy. Usually signing up for a paypal account, using a debit card, or an ewallet with bitcoins is all that is needed. These are various different kinds of payment processors, each with their own unique system of functioning. Paypal seems to be the most popular online payment system next to regular credit cards and debit cards in North America. In order to know which payment processor would be the wisest choice, look at all the blogshops that are of interest and sign up for their preferred payment method.

Once in possession of a widely accepted form of payment, online shopping is simple. Browse the various blogshops and see what is of the most interest. The blogshops in Singapore have a very nice selection of jewelry and clothing. When browsing, take note of the size, the color and the description. Often each blogshop has pictures of what they have to offer. Some blogshops have a picture of every angle of their wares. Due to the nature of online shopping, it’s difficult to know the exact texture or composition of an item. That is why looking carefully at every picture is so important to the savvy online shopper. A blogshop should offer pictures to their customers if they are a reputable dealer.

Size Of Clothes

When looking at clothing for women, be sure that the size is exactly correct. Sometimes converting from inches to centimeters is necessary in order to find the correct size. Online savvy customers are familiar with this issue. This is another downside to online shopping. It is necessary to be able to know other systems of measurement and sizes in order to ensure the proper fit for clothing in particular. To correctly convert centimeters to inches or imperial measurements to metric, is only a small matter of education. Afterwards, online shopping for clothing will be simple and easy for the newest shopper.


Other than these two precautions, the online shopping experience is vastly superior to shopping inside of a brick and mortar store. Shopping online can be done at leisure. Instead of rushing to the store before they close for the evening, online shopping can be done anytime of the day or night. If shopping seems to take up too much time during the day, it can be done in fifteen or twenty minutes from home. Then there is plenty of time to finish whatever work that needs to be done. Sometimes shopping at night is the only time that is available, online shopping can be an excellent answer to this problem. Blogshops never close. When an order is placed, it will be there in the morning waiting to be filled.

Online shopping can be done from the comfort of a living room. It’s such a hassle to get up, drive to the nearest shop, look around for something specific to find the shop does not have it, and then drive home empty handed. It’s wasteful of resources to shop this way. Online shopping does away with this hassle; by allowing anyone to shop from anywhere in the world for anything that person may want. Blogshops in Singapore have some of the best clothing in the world, blogshops in little country towns in the United States have unique Americana goods, and blogshops in Russia will have some have their own unique goods. Online shopping allows the buyer to purchase the best from the entire world without having to drive to the store to get it.

Shopping online delivers the world to a buyer’s front door. After shopping online for goods and services, without having to go outside, those goods and services are delivered to the buyer’s door. Blogshops fill the orders, ship them, and have them delivered by delivery services to the buyer’s address. The only thing a buyer needs to do is take the package from the deliveryman. It’s a joy to have packages come in the mail!

Sending Gifts

Online shopping makes it easy to choose something and have it sent directly to a friend, coworker, or family member’s home or office for a special occasion. There’s no need to buy something in a retail shop, drive it home, wrap it up, ship it out, and hope it arrives at its destination. Blogshops can do that and often have a guarantee that it will be delivered in good condition and by a certain date. Most delivery services will not offer a guarantee of safe arrival when shipping an item. It’s also often cheaper to have it shipped directly from a blogshop to the recipient than buying it and self-shipping. Additionally, blogshops can wrap the gift for the recipient and then mail it out. For an extra charge, most blogshops will wrap it up in brightly covered paper with a bow and a message written by the buyer for the recipient. This makes buying gifts as easy as paying for them all in one setting.


Shopping online is discreet. If finding items of a private and personal nature are necessary, shopping online can be the only answer for people that are shy or timid. No one can see inside the package, and consumer oriented blogshops will package sensitive items in plain and discreet packaging. There is no need to publicly stand in a shop that caters to specialty personal needs when it can be purchased online. Some blogshops allow buyers to request discreet wrapping to hide personal and private items that are needed. Additionally, they often do not share their customer’s information to ensure every buyers privacy is kept confidential. Blogshops of this nature want repeat business and know that privacy is a large part of ensuring that.

Overall, online shopping at blogshops can be a worthwhile experience even if it requires new skills to achieve a successful shopping adventure. Shopping online offers a whole bundle of benefits that shopping in a regular store does not. Online shopping at blogshops offers twenty four seven shopping experiences, privacy that can not be found offline, unique and hard to find items at the buyers finger tips, and a whole world of merchandise to choose from without having to go anywhere or waste gas. A blogshop always has the item a buyer wants. There’s no need to search high and low wasting gas, because online the world is the shopping center.