How to save money when you shop online

How many people knew that 10-20 years ago, shopping online would be such an integral part of everyday life? Not only for material things and gift-giving, but all your potential shopping needs, from groceries, to medicines, to home supplies, and everything you could possibly want for DIY projects.

Take advantage of this virtually limitless resource we have at our fingertips by practicing these online shopping tips and tricks to make your dollar go further online.

Plan Ahead

The best way to avoid falling into any of the common sales traps or going over budget is to always have a plan of what you want and need to buy. We all know the mishaps of “window shopping” that turns into buying things we never intended. This is even easier to happen while shopping online, so go in with a strategy or goal in-mind.

Read and compare product reviews:

This is one of the biggest advantages to buying online. Investing the time into reading customer reviews will save you more time and money later, when you avoid a defective model or a product that doesn’t quite live up to its expectations/shiny packaging.

Hunt for coupons and promo codes:

This is where you really start to see the savings from ordering online. Nearly every online retailer has coupons and promotional codes out there at any given time, usually for a limited time. You can find these either on the company’s website itself or by doing some googling for coupon websites and communities that share the bargain offers with those who put the effort into looking for them.

Slightly related to coupons and promo codes, online retailers will often give discounts to certain combos or bundled purchases, which not only save you money on the bottom-line, but also on the shipping.

Always try to plan your purchases around free shipping offers:

If you have to delay one of the items you want for a few days to bundle it with another purchase you plan on making later, you may end up saving enough on shipping to reward yourself with even more goodies.

Plan your purchases around the holidays: 1 event in-particular, known as Cyber Monday, is where the internet’s retailers give the largest mark-downs and deals for the whole year. Try to hold off any major electronics purchases, if you can, or you may end up crying after seeing your big purchase end up going for $100’s less than what you just bought it for.

Use Apps to keep track of deals: Same goes for social media, there’s a bunch of good accounts out there that will update you as soon as a sweet deal is spotted online.

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