Most Popular Items Sold On Blogshops in Singapore

Trending items on Blogshops in 2014

Products sold on blogshops nowadays are limitless as owners are constantly seeking new products to add into their catalogue. However, the most popular items remain the same. Below are some of the best-sellers that are common across all online blogshops in Singapore

1. Dresses

Almost all blogshops have dresses as one of their top-selling products. They are a hot favourite among all ages and can come in different styles and colours.

The most popular dresses are single coloured, simple yet stylish. Although many of the dresses are not commonly seen in every day lives, they are perfect for special occassions such as prom nights or parties.

Dresses come in many styles and variations. There are korean-style dress, european style dress, floral dress, strapless dress, etc. They all take a spot in the most popular items sold on blogshops in Singapore.

2. Tops

The most popular tops are observed to be bold in colours and patterns. Often loose and slightly oversized. The common materials include cotton, chiffon, lace. Crop tops are also becoming increasingly popular as it appears striking and can easily capture attention.

Teens and youths will usually go for korean-style tops that are generously decorated with patterns such as flowers, abstact shapes and drawings. T-shirts remain to be a safe choice while new designs that are bolder in the use of colours and words are taking rising to the top of the best-selling list.

3. Bags

All women love bags. Bags used to cost a lot and branded bags were the “in thing”. However, prices of bags have fallen drastically allowing blogshop owners to import and sell them.

Bags that are smaller are more popular among youths and fabric bags with cute designs have replaced posh leather bags in many blogshops. As shop owners strive to differentiate their products, designs are slowly deviating from the mainstream versions.

School bags have also become a favourite as a significant portion of blogshoppers are students.

4. Accessories

Accessories can include many items such as wallets, necklaces, wristbands, belts, earings. While many may avoid purchasing accessories due to higher shipping cost compared to the product price, larger and more expensive accessories still remain a popular choice.

Although they may not be worn regularly, having a few pieces of accessory can spice up an outfit during special occassions.

5. Special items

Only till recently, blogshops are limited to fashion products that can be worn (clothes, shoes, etc.). These days, items such as polaroid cameras, phone cases, perfumes, fish eye lenses, custom nametags, etc. are slowly gaining weight in the blogshop industry. If you want to learn how to search for blogshops selling specific products, you can read our guide.

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