The History and Origin of Blogshops

While the person who coined the term “Blogshop” remains unknown, blogshops were believed to have started in 2006 and has since become a significant part of Singapore’s online landscape with many blogshops growing into large ecommerce sites.

Blogshops? What’s that?

What are blogshops? If you are seeing this word for the first time, its either you are new to Singapore or you are very young. Blogshops refer to blogs hosted on a blogging platform but functions like a mini ecommerce site. Blogshops are very popular in Singapore, especially among younger women. There is no exact definition of how a blog can be a blogshop but generally, most sites hosted on blogging platforms like wordpress, livejournal, blogspot and display products for sale can be considered a blogshop.

Origin of blogshops

The blogshop trend was said to have been started by young female adults who are running retail shops or are involved in the fashion industry. Back in 2006, blogging was the latest trend and the number of blogs in Singapore started to explode. It was at this time that those shop owners began to make use of blogs as a platform to display their products.

Realising that they can save on rental fees and gain more exposure to an online community of young shoppers who are willing to spend money, many retail shop owners have switched to blogshops.

In addition, blogshops are easy to set up, unlike ecommerce sites. There are many free platforms for blogging that can be set up in minutes.

The rise of blogshopping

2009-2010 has seen a surge in the number of new blogshops being set up. People from all walks of life began setting up their own blogshops instead of just those in the fashion industry. Most blogshops available today are still predominantly owned by youths who are slightly more adept at technology,

Many who set up blogshops are looking to sell their second hand clothes, accessories and bags at a low price. In the early days, when competition was not that stiff, making a comfortable income with blogshops takes minimal effort. However, as more and more people flock into the market, the smarter blogshop owners began to expand the variety of products and seek to differentiate their products.

Today, “blogshops” refer not only to blogs selling women clothes but encompass almost everything that can be sold online. From flowers to hats to music albums.

The major blogshops

Although a huge number of blogshops have been created since its origin, the most successful blogshops in Singapore remains to be those that have a history of quality products and service that their customer values.

Blogshops are indeed a phenomenon unique to Singapore. If are a fan of blogshopping, our products will not

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