Why Are There So Many Blogshops in Singapore?

The Ubiquity of Blogshops in Singapore

Have you wondered why are there so many blogshops all over the net? Instashops/web shops are everywhere and growing by the hundreds daily. You probably wouldn’t be suprise if your close friend own a blogshop herself, they are such a common trend these days and its probable more than just a fad. If you aren’t quite sure what exactly are blogshops, our post on the history and origin of blogshops will be insightful.

You can get a brief idea of the blogshop industry through the inforgraph here. In 2011, researchers estimated that there is over 50000 blogshops in Singapore alone. The number is most likely over a 80,000 now and not including instashops. This growing force in the ecommerce industry is taking sales away from big brands and traditional retail channels.

Analysts estimate that the average income of blogshops can reach $1440 and the those with higher traffic can easily take in 5 figure incomes a month. Although that doesn’t equate to profitability of these small players, it does indicate that blogshops are a valuable niche. Whether you love it or hate it, blogshops will only grow in size and numbers. The reasons are explained:

Reason 1: Copycats

Once a proven method of making money online has been discovered, hoards of people will start flocking towards that method hoping to get a share of the pie. That is why many blogshops look similar to one another. Many blogshops are exact replicas of one another with almost identical site design, products and marketing strategy. There’s nothing wrong with being a follower but those who fail to create a unique selling point often find themselves earning mediocre incomes.

Reason 2: Easy To Set Up

A few hours is all you need to start a blogshop in singapore, provided you know how to do it and have the product details at hand. There are many ecommerce and blogging platforms like livejournal and wordpress which makes setting up a beautiful and functioning blogshop a breeze.

Of course you may face a steep learning curve if you are doing it for the first time, especially if you are not particularly tech-savvy. There are tons of tutorials on the web to help you out. The ease of setting up an instashop/carousell shop/blogshop is the reason behind the heaps of blogshops online.

Reason 3: Social Networks

Social networks are a great marketing tool for blogshops to drive traffic to their site. If you already have a personal blog or a active twitter/facebook account with a fair amount of followers, you are ready generate some leads by leveraging the power of social networks.

Top bloggers can make sales easily just by promoting their items on their social accounts. Building up your followers by increasing the attractiveness of your blog can be a great asset in terms of marketing potential. Bloggers sometimes create blogshops just to monetise their blog and get an additional income stream.

In addition, the community of blogshop owners would sometimes collaborate and promote one another’s blogshops. As more and more people want to be part of the community, more and more blogshops are made.

Reason 4: Passion for Fashion

Women love to shop (why do women love to shop?). It is no wonder that most blogshop owners are girls/women. When sourcing for products to add to their blogshops, they can spend time browsing through the multitude of apparels and accessories. It is as though they are shopping for someone else and they get paid for it.

In addition, women who have a knack for designing clothes can derive tremendouse satisfaction from seeing their deigns come to life and their customers using their products. You don’t have to be a professional designer to design your own product, a simple graphic tshirt or skirt can provide ample room to unleash your creativity.

Other Reasons: Benefits of Starting a Blogshop

Starting a blogshop is fun and exciting, convenient, profitable, etc. You can view all the benefits of starting a blogshop here.

How You Can Get Started.

Blogshops are well-received among singaporeans. However, guides on blogshop creation and success methodologies are rare. You can learn all you need to learn with regards to creating a successful blogshop on the “start a blogshop” section on our site.

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