How To Choose The Perfect Dress For You?

It is every girl’s dream to be dazzling in a beautiful dress that is a perfect match for her. Being in such a dress gives you bliss and confidence as it flaunts the personality and taste your inner self. However, picking a perfect dress is difficult. Fine dresses are everywhere but many of them may not look good on you nor do most of them match your personality. The in vogue dresses in magazine may be too bold for you while the everyday dress is too dull. Picking the perfect dress can be a challenge.

Your personality and mood

Your ideal dress should match both your personality and mood. Your personality would affect the type and style of dress that is best for you while your mood will likely influence the color of the dress. Hence we recommend that you get multiple colours of the same type of dress. Below are some generalisations regarding certain types of dresses and personality.

– Strapless dress: You are likely to be confident if your physical appearance especially your figure and is willing to share it with others.

– Korean dress: Youthful and vibrant are possible descriptions of your personality. You probably feel young within and like to be in trend.

– Loose/oversized dress: Bold and unique. You are not afraid to be different and is comfortable to stand out of the crowd.

– Little black dress: Although conservative, you would still want to be perceived as classy and pretty.

Here are some colors of dress you should get to match your changing moods.

– Red: stimulating and gives energy, increases self confidence but might trigger antagonism in jealous women

– Yellow: rejuvenating and balances mind, often brings positive emotions

– Orange: conveys boldness and distinction. It is also a colour associated with love

– Green: relaxing and comfortable for the eyes

– Blue: calming and welcoming. Promotes peace

Your body type

A very practical consideration to make would be if your body type matches your ideal dress. An average dress that fits on you perfectly may be more appealing than a premium dress that looks weird on you. In general, there are 6 types of body types and for each body type there is a type of dress that is ideal for it. Many of them can be found in blogshops in Singapore.

1. Tall/manly figure — Maxi dress

A maxi dress is a long dress that is often longer than ankle length. For women who are tall or have a manly frame, the maxi dress can increase feminity by adding some curves to your body. Petite women might want to avoid these kinds of dresses.

2. Pear-shaped body — Wrap dress

A wrap dress is a v-neck dress that covers the body. For women with a pear-shaped body (thinner waist), the wrap dress brings out the thin waist and improves the proportion of the body as the v-neck feature also diverts some attention from your waist to your bust.

3. Petite woman — Mini dress

Mini dresses are all short and close-fitting. For women with small and dainty frame, the mini dress is perfect as it brings attention to your legs, making your proportions look more ideal. Paired with high heels, the mini dress can create the illusion of greater height in petite woman.

4. Shirt dress — Hourglass figures

Women who are satisfied with their figure can opt to get a short drsss as it is humble yet classy and looks adequate without any need for accessories. Women with a less feminine figure should avoid this type of dress as it would make them look even more manly.

5. Good for all — A-line dress

If you are not sure of your body type or are looking for a safe choice, the A-line dress should be on your list. The a-line dress is narrow at the waist and gradually widens towards the hem, giving the illusion of a thiner waist.

6. Peplum dress- Broad shoulders

A peplum dress is characterised by an extension/ruffle that extends outwards at the waistline. This feature offsets your broad shoulders which is often perceived as a manly feature.

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