Why Women Love to Shop and Most Men Don’t

Why are Blogshops for Women so much more popular than Blogshops for Men?

Blogshops for women are everywhere and most shopping sites list products for women above those for men. Why is this so? The logical deduction would be that women love to shop more than men but again why is this so?

It is definitely not true to say that all women love shopping and all men don’t but research shows that a majority of men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping while for women, it takes 2 hours for them to wear out. 80% of men dislike shopping with their girlfriends/wifes and a considerable amount would aboid it at all cost.

From the perspective of science and research, below are some reasons that might explain this bizarre phenomenon.

1. The “shopping gene” in women

Shopping is to women what sports is to men and this is not because of habit/culture rather, the reasons lie in the genes of women. In prehistoric times, women are known as the gatherers whose job is to forage for fruits, plants and nuts while the men were out hunting for game. In the search for food, women have to carefully select the freshest and safest foods which is a time consuming job.

In modern context, the act of foraging for food is replaced by shopping for good clothes, bags and shoes. The freshness of food can be likened to branded luxury items that women go crazy for due to their scarcity. Women today bring home shopping bags instead of food what is similar is that women never get tired of looking for new items and they value variety as much as quantity.

Men on the other hand were hunters who wanted to bring food home as quickly as possible as hunting is a dangerous activity that might endanger their lives.

Even though many years have passed since the hunting-gathering age but researchers are still convinced that women tend to act more like gatherers while men hunters.

2. Women like the experience

The intriguing part about shopping is feeling, seeing, smelling sometimes hearing the items that are displayed on shelfs which makes window shopping such a popular leisure activity many women frequently engage in.

The colous and textures of clothes and bags appeal to women because they are more visual and appearance often matters just as much as functionality. On the other hand men only care about the properties of the object. Whether or not it is colourful or dull makes no difference to most of them.

Research has shown that shopping can help women lift their moods. The term retail therapy is appropriately coined.

3. Women love to doll up

From make-up products to shoes, anything that helps women appear more fashionable excites them. Women love to appear alluring and pretty, it gives them confidence and makes them feel good. Its not that men do not care about appearance either, but women are willing to spend more time and effort to look good. Why do you think women wear high heels and spend hours putting on makeup?

4. Shopping for family

Being a women is tough. In many societies today, women play the role of caregivers who is responsible for the wellbeing of children and the elderly. This means that women often have a long list of items to buy for themselves as well as their family members.

As a result, the reason women shop more than men could also be because it is their responsibility as mothers/wifes and they are doing a huge favour for men by doing the shopping for them.

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